Which Data Room Providers Have Implemented a VDR Brand New Transaction Tracking Feature?

Transaction tracking features can be used in order to exclude the possibility of forwarding e-mail messages, copying, editing, or printing. Protected messages are automatically encrypted in transit, and once the sender has assigned appropriate rights to use the message.

A Virtual Data Room Providers that Have to Implement a VDR Brand New Transaction Tracking Feature

Anything that you post on the network at any time can become available to the whole world. This must be understood and must be remembered when you post a photo, document, or video in network storage, your page on a social network, or send it through a messenger. This can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from incorrectly specifying access rights and ending with the hacking of the service, or as a result of the activities of an unscrupulous employee of the company to which you entrusted your data.

The simplest solutions for tracking transactions are provided by numerous observers of the Bitcoin blocks. Usually, they are used when they want to make sure that the operation was successful and not stuck in unconfirmed ones. At the same time, anyone who wishes can become a bit of a detective and with the help of such online platforms, in a few clicks, receive information about previously committed transactions with a certain bitcoin address, its current balance, amounts passed through it, or lists of addresses for incoming (input) and outgoing (output) operations.

Among the first virtual data room providers that have implemented a virtual data room brand new transaction tracking feature are:

  1. Securedocs Virtual Data Room.
  2. DealRoom Deal Room.
  3. Intralinks Deal Room.

Although the view of the source tables in the data warehouse must reflect the changes in those tables, using a technology that updates replicas of the original table is not appropriate in this case. Instead, what is needed is a reliable flow of change information, structured so that customers can apply it to other targeted data submissions. For this reason, cryptocurrency is actively used by cybercriminals for money laundering, extortion, or blackmail. According to Europol, it is cryptocurrency transactions that are becoming more and more popular for illegal transactions.

What Does Brand New Transaction Tracking Feature Offer?

The virtual data room brand new transaction tracking feature on dataroom-providers.org offers:

  • Firstly, grant information access rights granularly. For example, if read access is provided, then printing and copying the contents of the file will not be possible, screen copying is also blocked.
  • Secondly, to expand the perimeter of information protection in the organization beyond the local area network. If information leaves the service of the central data access control server, it becomes unreadable. Of course, this feature is achieved using encryption.
  • Thirdly, to register all attempts to access documents, as well as successful use, at a single point. Centralized management is especially valuable in large organizations.
  • Fourthly, to block access to the document at any time, at the request of the management, or on suspicion of compromising the user.
  • Fifthly, the use of the technology itself must be transparent to users. The less the burden on end-users, the more effective the protection will be.

Unfortunately, the only way to completely protect yourself from outside intrusion is not to use the Internet at all. This is impossible in the modern world. But this does not mean that you need to stop protecting yourself and transfer your files directly into the hands of cybercriminals.