Top 5 Reasons to Choose Ubuntu Linux as Your Desktop Operating System

Ubuntu is modular, the general-purpose operating system that runs on four processor architectures and is available with optional extensions that provide greater capabilities for tasks such as real-time computing and clustering. Check the top five reasons to choose Ubuntu for your company in the article below.

Why Can Ubuntu Become Your Desktop Operating System?

Unlike Windows, Ubuntu does not need a powerful processor to work at the optimal level. Linux-based OSes such as Ubuntu Server, CentOS Server, and Fedora are great options, especially for businesses that require significant computing power. The main tool to keep kernel data structures from being destroyed by incorrect drivers is the virtual memory page map. When a driver runs, all pages external to it are placed in read-only mode, creating a separate lightweight security domain for each driver.

We understand that not everyone has enough dollars to afford a full-fledged operating system for their computers. It’s not all bad news, however, as there are free OS alternatives that will keep your computer running. Ubuntu OS is based on the Linux platform, which has a long history and a huge army of developers. This system is completely stable and promptly receives all the fixes and improvements. Ubuntu is virus-free, so you don’t need an antivirus program.

Immediately after installing the Ubuntu system, you will receive a whole set of programs that will help you solve almost any task you face. Including office suite, browser, music and video player, and more. If you need additional software, you can install it with a few clicks from the Software Center. And also completely free. An encrypted hard drive uses the fast encryption provided by BitLocker Drive Encryption to improve data security and management.

Which Are Top Five Reasons for Choosing Ubuntu Linux as Your Desktop Operating System?

With the advent of new versions, the installation of Ubuntu is simplified, which attracts inexperienced users. The main software and drivers are installed immediately and almost automatically; as a result, you get a ready-to-use OS. In addition, automatic updates are offered.

The Ubuntu operating system attracts immediately, from the moment of installation. During installation, the program asks just a few questions, and after a few minutes, the computer is ready for use. At the same time, the Start menu will have a good set of office and multimedia applications. Among the top five reasons for using Ubuntu are:

  1. You can automate actions by setting up triggers from the dashboard, while data-driven decisions can be made using visualizations displayed on the monitor.
  2. There is no need to enable special remote login instructions to use multiple processors or perform special remote mount operations to reach remote files.
  3. The main communication procedure is to approve a message to send and receive replies – 3 pickups with minimal delay.
  4. Another reason Ubuntu uses is that it can compete comparatively with Windows and macOS, especially when it comes to providing users with a full desktop experience. The desktop version comes with office applications from LibreOffice – also completely free.
  5. All settings and installations are carried out at an intuitive level. Through the specialized package manager Synaptic, the necessary programs are installed. It has features for viewing ratings, descriptions, and reviews of programs.