iDeals Data Room Review for 2021

iDeals Data Room is one of the most well-known virtual data room providers today. It provides services mainly to large businesses and has many well-known companies as its customers all over the world. Feedback from customers is that it is a stable, cost-effective, and feature-rich tool that has many features and can meet the requirements of companies to conduct business processes. In this article, we will review the main features of the iDeals Data Room.

What is iDeals Data Room?

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a popular and simple business solution for storing and sharing large amounts of sensitive documents during transactions and collaboration between company employees. It started in 2008, so it is considered one of the veterans of the VDR market, which is the reason why it is so trusted by its customers.

Companies who buy iDeals Data Room as their provider get a simple platform with a wide range of tools for file management and data center services.

The main advantages of iDeals Data Room

In order for the provider to become one of the leading providers on the market, the developers of the program should have done a good job. In addition, the company had to think about the convenience of its customers and the proper value-added services. That is exactly what iDeals has done, and that is why it is now on the list of top VDR providers. Below we highlight the main advantages of the space:

  • User-friendly and comfortable interface -the program can be used on any operating system and device. Also, you don’t need any additional installations or plugins to start using the program, get access to the storage from the cloud
  • Improved file and folder management -space supports literally any file format when downloading, also has automatic indexing of files and folders. The drag-and-drop feature makes organizing files within the program easier and faster. iDeals also use desktop sync and file extraction from archives
  • File search – it will take you only a few seconds to find the document you need. Search by title, full-text search, filtering by parameters, and optical character recognition
  • Collaboration features – iDeals’ advanced collaboration tools include a question and answer feature where you get an instant response and a messenger for secure messaging. Users are automatically notified by email if there are any updates or changes to the VDR
  • Support – iDeals provides contact with support at any time of any day, asks for help by phone or email. Support also provides tutorials like live training and help centers online to help you get accustomed to the space

iDeals Data Room Security

The iDeals Data Room guarantees its reliability and security. It does this by using:

  • Dynamic watermarks for documents
  • Double authentication for password protection and protection against unauthorized access
  • Time and IP address restrictions
  • Controls access and interaction with documents. Only the administrator has the right to decide who can or cannot view certain documents. He can also restrict actions with them, including copying, editing, forwarding, printing, and screenshot
  • Fence view – a unique feature that monitors and prevents hacker attacks on the space
  • Backup features for quick recovery of data in case of corruption or loss
  • Real-time tracking -administrator tracks what users do and can see what they do with their documents and how much time they spend with the file
  • Best security certifications that meet the highest security standards as well as continuous virus scanning