Intralinks Dealspace Detailed Review

If a company doesn’t keep up with modern requirements and technology, it’s doomed to fail. Nowadays, modern business software programs are ready to simplify and streamline your work, provide speed and instant information as well as security, all these qualities are exactly what is required from organizations during the deal-making. Virtual data rooms are those programs that are designed to increase the efficiency of your deals, and in this article, we will look at one of the leading VDR providers, Intralinks Dealspace.

Intralinks Dealspace – General Description

Intralinks Dealspace is among the very first VDR companies that have been in the business almost since its inception and have tremendous experience. Intralinks is ready to provide you with almost all of your requirements because they know exactly what you need. VDRs provide their services in a variety of industries, including mergers and acquisitions, alternative investments, and banking.

Also, the program helps speed up the deal process as it offers its help at all stages of shaping it. The settings are mostly automated and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to get the whole process up and running. Don’t forget that on top of everything else, Intralinx provides you and your documents with strict security, and if you look at all these features in a pile you can understand – that this tool is the perfect helper in almost any business activity.

The main benefits of Intralinks Dealspace are

  • File and Folder Management

Intralinks make the process of organizing documents within the program very easy and time-saving. Dealspace supports almost any type of file and you do not need to spend time to format them. Files and folders are automatically indexed when you download them, and there is a drag-and-drop feature. VDR has features for desktop synchronization and extracting materials from archives, as well as version control of documents.

  • File Protection

Administrators can set detailed permissions for accessing and interacting with documents, prohibiting functions such as copying, editing, printing, forwarding, or screenshotting a document. There is also a function of customizable watermarks and setting time limits for access to the document. Intralinks uses advanced encryption and data encryption at rest to protect against data leakage.

  • Data hosting and security

The provider provides a virtually 100% uptime guarantee of the program and has the best ISO and SOC security certifications. In addition, the program has a backup and virus scanning feature.

  • Access Security

Intralinks protect your space from unauthorized entry with two-factor authentication. The program also has the ability to set group permissions and IP address restrictions.

  • Accessibility and usability

The program interface is very simple, no plug-ins are needed for its installation, the program provides mobile applications for any operating system, as well as the function of web-viewer of the documents and Excel spreadsheets.

  • Collaboration Tools

To improve communication between your employees and customers, Intralinx provides features like question-answer and a secure messaging space where you can discuss confidential issues without any risks. If a new document has been uploaded to the program or an old document has been changed, all other users will receive an email notification.

  • Activity tracking and reporting

The administrator can monitor user activity within each program document. VDR also offers a real-time audit trail and exports reports to Excel.

  • Support Service

Intralinks Dealspace allows you to get help from the support team at any time of the day or night, via phone or email. You also get live training to learn how to use the program and translation service.